Most Frequently Questions Asked By Customers

How is Qudri World's Organic Himalayan Shilajit sourced?

Our Shilajit is sourced responsibly from the Himalayas, guaranteeing purity and authenticity in every batch, delivering nature’s essence with integrity.

Are Qudri World's Organic Soap Nuts suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, our Soap Nuts are gentle and hypoallergenic, catering to all skin types, including sensitive skin. Experience natural cleanliness with peace of mind.

What health benefits can I expect from Qudri World's Shilajit?

Our Shilajit promotes enhanced energy, stamina, and mental clarity, contributing to overall well-being.for a revitalized and balanced lifestyle.

How do I use Qudri World's Organic Soap Nuts in my laundry?

Simply place a few Soap Nuts in a cotton bag and add them to your laundry for a natural and effective cleaning experience.

Is Qudri World's Shilajit suitable for both men and women?

Yes, our Shilajit is crafted to benefit both men and women, supporting diverse health needs for everyone.